Giant stuffed bears are available in various colors

Who doesn’t love a large, roly-poly, oh-so-snuggly bear? Sloth Plush One look at them, and the urge to throw your arms around one and squeeze is just too much for one to resist! Beary big hugs are the ultimate feel-good gift – no one should have to do without them.

There are eight living species of bear: black bear, brown bear, polar bear, Asiatic black bear, sloth bear, spectacled bear, sun bear, and giant panda. All are adorable in their own right, and all are equally huggable, just like the big stuffed bears made in their likeness.

Bear habitats are prevalent through both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres; they can be found in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Besides color, bears look the same: they have large bodies and stocky legs, long snouts, shaggy hair, and short tails.

Giant stuffed bears are available in various colors (and species), but if you want to stick as close to the real thing as possible, it’s probably better to opt-out of purchasing pink and blue ones.

Bears can be found in various children’s stories, and cartoons and are well known to most kids and adults. Baloo is a brown bear who has a penchant for sleeping. He is depicted in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book (both a classic book and a later Disney cartoon).

 Yogi bear is also fictional and was given his cartoon by Hanna-Barbera. In it, he and his partner-in-crime, Boo Boo, live in Jelly Stone Park (after Yellowstone National Park), where they try and steal picnic baskets from unsuspecting campers. There is also Winnie the Pooh Bear (owned by young Christopher Robin and portrayed in A.A.

Milne’s collection of stories), Smokey the Bear (a mascot of the U.S. Forest Service who helps to educate about the danger of fire), Fozzie Bear (the lovable Muppet who tells jokes) and Paddington Bear (a character in children’s literature who wears an old hat and carries a battered suitcase).

Every one of these bears has been made into a giant stuffed bear at one time or another, and each of them is more huggable than the next. Cozying up to a big stuffed bear, whether they came from a piece of famous literature (or television show or movie), is just about as good as it gets in the comfy department.

Any giant stuffed bear that becomes part of a child’s life or a collector’s plush toy collection is one lucky bear indeed. Children [and adults] take great care of their giant stuffed bears – they love them and treat them as family members.

┬áSome children won’t even think of leaving the house or going to sleep without their cuddly companion. A giant stuffed bear is more than just a plush toy – it’s a lifelong friend and trusted confidante.