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How to be a Real Estate Agent?

The first thing you should ask yourself is whether you need a degree to practice as a real estate consultant. The answer is no, all you need is to register as a Freelance and you will have the right to start your career as a real estate agent.

Once we have solved this, the next thing would be to ask yourself if it is better to create your own agency or belong to one. The truth is that any Real Estate Agent can open an agency. However, in the beginning, I do not consider it to be the best option. In fact, it is something that I would not recommend.

Before considering opening a real estate agency, you must learn a lot about the sector and, above all, create a portfolio of clients. When we consider starting a business, we must be aware of all parts of it. In other words, having performed all the functions that our employees would perform ourselves.

This is essential, as this will create what from now on, we will call quality standards.In turn, I want to emphasize that the risk of opening your own agency is much greater than that of being a Real Estate Agent for one. However, there are thousands of Independent Real Estate Brokers.

Start as a real estate consultant for a franchise or agency.

This should be your first step, starting in an Agency. This will allow you to benefit from the knowledge of other real estate agents. But at the same time, buy yourself what you need to become a good real estate advisor.

There are more people who have embarked on this career than have come to live from it. For this reason, you should not be in a hurry. When we start in a real estate agency like Tajarat properties, the most normal thing is that you go through different positions.

It will give you basic training on how to be a real estate agent. Some knowledge of the sector, tools and methodology of the company in particular. All this will be very useful in your beginnings as a real estate agent.

Then you will start with the practical part, accompanying other agents to see how they work in the field. It is time to pay attention, and not miss details of how you treat the owner or buyer customers. This is precisely one of the best ways if you want to learn how to be a real estate broker, see others who already are in action.

Qualities of a Real Estate Agent

As in any profession there are certain things that you will have to do for yourself, which will depend on your dedication. This is one of the keys to becoming a true advisor. Say you want to be one, and do everything in your power to achieve it, this is what I want to talk about now.

Be a Proactive Agent

If you have already worked as a salesperson in a company, you already know the importance of making opportunities arise. This is something that I teach my students from day one. A Real Estate Agent cannot wait for the business to come to him simply by being in the sector.

On the contrary, each of your actions must be focused on its purpose, it does not matter if it is a call or talking to someone you meet on the street, every opportunity to generate business, you must take advantage of it.

Understand how to be a productive advisor.

This is one of the main problems that you will have to face if you want to be a real estate manager. In our profession, there are many tasks to perform, but it is up to you to get them all done. To do this, I teach my students the Time Lock.

This is a productivity technique used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It works for both real estate agents and housewives.

It is based on dividing your day into blocks of time, performing each task in its corresponding block. This serves to eliminate the famous multitasking in which we fall too easily. In turn, it is a self – motivating technique, since nothing motivates more than seeing that you finish what you start.

Negotiation skills.

This is one of the points that you will need to refine the most throughout your career as a real estate agent. You will become the meeting point between buyers and sellers. For this reason, you should not be too rigid. Your ability to negotiate the price and the conditions in which the sale will proceed will be key if you want to close operations.

However, I want to point out that your business model IS NOT NEGOTIABLE! This will clash with what you read on other pages, and the truth is, I don’t care. If something is clear to me, it is that hiring a real estate broker is hiring a service. Precisely that service carries a price and a work methodology that you will have established.

Be true to yourself and the price you have placed on your services.

How to be a good Real Estate Agent?

This is the key to the question. There are thousands and thousands of people who call themselves real estate agents. The truth is, they are not. In my opinion, only 10% of them have earned the right to do so.

I want to explain myself better. To be a real estate agent you must study and acquire a lot of knowledge about the sector. However, due to the lack of bureaucracy, as we have already commented, they are not a requirement.

In our section about what a Real Estate Broker should study we explain all of them, but I advance the list:

  • Lead generation.
  • Real Estate Capture.
  • Specific Knowledge.
  • Tax Knowledge.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Financial Knowledge.
  • Improve Empathy.
  • Communicative skills.
  • Online and Physical Marketing.
  • Use of Social Networks.
  • Web development.

Until you acquire all this knowledge, you can hardly consider yourself a good real estate advisor. On our website you will find free courses for many of these areas, because that is my purpose: to teach you how to be a good Real Estate Agent!

Official title of Real Estate Agent

As we have already commented on several occasions, it is not mandatory to have him to act as a real estate agent. However, it is something that I will recommend later in your career.

Having this title will transmit security both to buyers and to the owners with whom you work. This is undoubtedly a great support when it comes to gaining their trust. Precisely, one of the bases of this sector is that your clients trust you.

That said, there are hundreds of companies that carry out regulated courses with which you will get your official degree. However, in my opinion, the API (Real Estate Agents) college is the best option.

Requirements to be a Real Estate Agent

There is no list of requirements to become a Real Estate Agent. At first it is common to think that you need to do a university degree like in the United States or have a degree. The truth is simpler, you need to improve certain skills.

These skills may be innate in you, but if it is not the case, you can acquire them. Obviously, those people who already have them have an advantage, but only that, you can achieve them. I’m going to tell you some that, according to my criteria, you should perfect.

Gift of people.

Being able to talk to people and build a relationship in a few minutes will pave the way for you to become a real estate agent. It is something that many people have and surely you know more than one. This ability allows them to relate in a very fluid way, holding conversations on a wide range of topics.

They usually have a lot of friends. Precisely something that will help them in their beginnings as real estate agents. This is because the first referrals you will work will come from your Circle of Trust, family and friends who want to help you.

Business skills.

Surely you have met someone in your life, who after talking with him for a few minutes, you are convinced that he could sell an ice to an Eskimo. These types of people have a lot of cattle in our profession. They can understand your product and express its benefits in a natural way.

However, this is an aptitude that has been attributed to me on many occasions and which I lacked. Instead, I scrutinize each product thoroughly, anticipating objections my customers will encounter. This allows me to find a way to turn that objection into something positive.

Identify Customer Profiles

You may not know it, but all people can basically be classified into 4 profiles. Depending on their dress, facial features, and expressions, they will fit into one or the other.

This is a course that I teach to my students. Which, briefly, allows them to classify their customers and know how to focus the conversation. This facilitates communication between the two, increasing your success rate.

Positive attitude:

It seems strange that I include it in this section but staying positive is one of the keys to being a real estate broker. Our career is full of ups and downs, and at times, this is a daunting task. We must avoid entering a loop of negativity that is transmitted to our clients.

For this, there are many free courses that you can take online and that will help you in your career.

Detect harmful clients.

In your career you will meet many clients that you really should not work with. Something that is difficult to understand at first is that you choose which clients and properties you work with.

This is something that I personally learned very late, after working with a few owners who just sank me mentally. Surrounding yourself with people who appreciate your advice and advice will be essential in your career.

Identify the motivations.

When you perfect this skill, you can close deals with almost all of your clients. It is based on identifying which clients are really motivated to carry out an operation. In other words, you will find many buyers who just want to gossip about the market. In turn, owners who only speculate on it.

If you work with these clients, you will only be investing valuable time that you should dedicate to more motivated clients.

How to be a Real Estate Agent in Argentina?

In Argentina there is a unique College of Real Estate Brokers of Argentina, which sets a series of requirements to be able to act as a real estate agent in this country.

  • Being over 18 years of age is an essential requirement.
  • Possess a University Title of Real Estate Broker, or instead, one equivalent but revalidated in the country.
  • You must be legitimately domiciled in a locality in the country.
  • Take an oath of responsibility, rectitude and seriousness when exercising this activity.

How to be a Real Estate Agent in Chile?

As the Real Estate Commercial Career is not regulated. For this reason, there are no requirements to be able to practice as such. However, it is very useful to take some brokerage courses that allow you to improve your skills and knowledge.

On our website, I put many of them at your disposal. I hope that you too can get to live from this profession, but also that you do it with the same passion that I do.

How to be a Real Estate Agent in the United States?

The United States, in my opinion, is the model to be followed by the rest of the world as far as the Real Estate Sector is concerned. In fact, the business model that I teach my students is the American one. Where they have strived to perfect the knowledge and techniques necessary to practice at a high level as a real estate manager.

Each state sets its own requirements, both in education and prior experience to take the exam. In addition, to get real estate advisers to be truly qualified, compulsory license renewal courses are held.

Once you get it, you must put yourself under the supervision of a real estate broker. This will be like your mentor, but not just anyone, they also impose requirements.

  • Must have additional bachelor’s degrees earned by taking specific courses.
  • You must not have any disciplinary record for malpractice.

As you can see, in the United States they have reached what is known as real estate excellence. Regulating this market is something that has been fought for and continues to be fought. However, it seems like a battle that we have lost for the moment, although we do not give up and hope to get it.

How to be an Independent Real Estate Agent?

This is one of the most important decisions you will have to make throughout your entire career as a real estate agent. In fact, I recommend that you do not take it lightly and meditate on it accordingly. Being an independent Real Estate Advisor will entail expenses that you do not have when you belong to an agency, but in turn, greater benefits.

If you’ve already decided, I’m going to give you some tips:

Take time: think again, it is a very important decision, and you must be totally convinced.

Go out the front door: Don’t start waiting until the last moment to notify your current agency. This will only make you look bad to them, but in turn, you do not give them the possibility to replace you.

Looks like a man or woman: Do not use bad words or hold anything up. You have already decided, go, but it looks good with them. Later, you may collaborate or do business together, worse if you have gone bad, that option you are losing.

Be careful with your contract: Review your contract to understand what will happen to your clients and properties. Many companies including blue world city link them to them, since you got them under their name.

Do not use their brand: If you are going to become independent, you have to create a new brand and documentation. From now on, everything that your agency provides you is not available.