Tips to win mystic messenger game in best way

Inside the 10 days before the gathering, you should answer the visitors’ messages multiple times. Every visitor’s name has a @ image in their name. On the off chance that you don’t finish the three answers or have addressed one inquiry wrong, your visitor won’t go to the gathering. However, in the event that you provided the correct answers multiple times, at that point the visitor will definitely come.

On the off chance that you addressed three messages correctly, you can see three green bolts.

On the off chance that you get an orange bolt, that implies your answer is incorrect.

Thus, to make things simple for you otome fans, here are the correct responses for every visitor you’ll experience. We additionally included V and Ray Route mystic messenger messages direct on the last piece of this post.

V and Ray courses are available in “Another Story” method of the game, beginning on Day 5. You can’t play it on Casual or Deep Story mode. In the event that you have enough hearts to change for an hourglass, you’ll have the option to open this mode and the Secret Ending materials. Thus, to invite visitors for V course, here are the correct responses for every visitor’s messages.

Invite numerous visitors even in the event that you think they are not in any way, shape or form like the character you are playing. Try not to be anxious if no visitors are going ahead your first endeavor at the invitation. Once in a while, it requires a couple of days for them to affirm their participation.

Take an interest in talks and acquire hearts. The hearts you acquired can be traded into an hourglass, which you can use to buy additional bundles in the game and open story-related substance.

100 hearts is equivalent to 1 HG or hourglass.

To get a high level of good gathering finishing, answer to Mystic Messenger Emails correctly and focus on the three green bolts. Try not to open the last answers from the visitors. On the last day (eleventh day), save the game before the gathering. In the wake of saving, open all messages and continue to the gathering. You will at that point have a high possibility that the gathering will end well.

We trust that through this guide, you will comprehend what is truly occurring in the game and how to have a virtual decent consummation. In the event that you forget which answer you ought to provide to the character you are conversing with, it’s enthusiastically prescribed to bookmark this page. Therefore, you can have simple admittance to what exactly answers you ought to provide to every email you receive.

We are in full support of your virtual love life and your virtual gatherings by getting Mystic Messenger Emails. We trust you’ll get great endings with the entirety of this visitor direct.