What Happens When Super Computers Answer All Mankind’s Questions?

Further, I’d state that these Super Computer Wars sure beat exchange wars and genuine wars, I like these challenges among countries as it pushes humankind, and discussing this super computer race, we should continue winning here in the USA.

Space Races, Super Computer Races, Techdee or competitions to investigate, learn, and improve are something worth being thankful for, and it sure beats another senseless weapons contest where each side forms an ever increasing number of weapons of war prepared to do increasingly more pulverization, or more regrettable, a grisly challenge or battle with those innovative machines.

No, this doesn’t mean I am against military tech by any stretch of the imagination

I’m not and accept we need the most grounded military in the close planetary system, history shows harmony through quality trumps all else in strategy arrangements. In any case, I clearly like the great clean serious fun, which additionally impels the world forward, and these super computer devices will assist us with opening the insider facts of the universe. Thus, that all by itself is an advantage to all humanity present and future.

  1. Sooner or later the super computer computerized reasoning frameworks we construct will have the option to respond to the entirety of humankind’s inquiries.
  2. Presently at that point, I have one more inquiry to pose; what happens when propositions frameworks answer the entirety of our inquiries? Furthermore, precisely what day and at what hour will that happen? Is it accurate to say that you are starting to perceive what I’m getting at?

At this moment our super computers can’t anticipate the climate, or the specific point where a typhoon will make landfall dependent on the momentum conditions, conditions, wind speed, air, sea surface temperatures, and barometric weight. Be that as it may, sometime they will, as we are moving toward supercomputer speeds in the exoFlop range. The capacity to do that numerous counts every second, and there is no motivation behind why it would stop there, will really permit a super computer to sort out the moment changes in climate brought about by a butterfly fluttering his wings; The Butterfly Effect, maybe.

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